What products do we offer?

Stadtradler offers Dutch city- and touringbikes, classic vintage bikes and Italian urban bikes, accessories, repair and maintenance services for citybikes. And even if you did not buy your bike with us, we are happy to see you to fix your bike!

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Omabikes and other Citybikes

Stadtradler sells Azor and Gazelle bicycles, two household names for the omabike and other citybikes in Holland. Azor is known for its premium quality "in"-citybikes popular among urban cycling purists, Gazelle for its value for money with a broad portfolio ranging from traditional to modern citybikes at an excellent quality. Should you wish, with Azor you can compose your unique personalized bike, including any choice of colour, by selecting from a vast array of available options. Whatever Stadtradler citybike you choose, none of the bicycles we offer compromize on the requirements for comfortable and worry-free urban cycling: comfortable sitting position, puncture-proof tyres, a closed chainbox, rainguards, lighting, a stable kickstand and a transporter rack.

Moreover, both Azor and Gazelle bikes are designed to survive prolonged outdoor conditions providing you with years of worry-free cycling joy, even if you keep your bike parked on the street, in the way many city-dwellers in Holland do. You will notice that once you are able to use your bike on a whim, you will use it for most city trips you previously made on foot, by public transport or by car. Both Azor and Gazelle use triple coated lacquering as known from the automotive industry, and with Azor bikes the most sensitive welding joints are additionally copper-soldered manually.

And as the Dutch are the tallest people in the world, with Dutch bicycles you have a large selection of frame sizes, for both short and tall people.

Further we offer Finnish Pelago vintage bicycles and Italian Bella Ciao urban bikes. These bikes are especially interesting for cyclists whose first priority while selecting their bikes are puristic design and minimal weight. Bella Ciao uses the most beautiful components and most exclusive materials. The Bella Ciao frames are hand-built in Italy. As with the Azor bikes, with both the Pelago vintage bicycles and the Bella Ciao urban bikes you are able to configure the bicycle according to your own wishes and requirements.

Many Azor and Gazelle models are also available as an E-bike version, so if you think you need some pedaling help, we can cater to that, too.

And last but not least, we offer the Tenways trendy, sporty city E-bikes, good value for money and the support and battery are almost invisible. Modern urban E-Bikes with a minimalistic design for effortless city rides. And with a weight of 15kg including battery really lightweight!

Here you will find an overview of what to look for when buying a citybike.

And finally, here a selection of the Stadtradler citybike collection.


Make the most out of your bike!

We offer a range of carefully selected functional, stylish and fun accessories for use with your citybike: bags, locks, helmets, baskets, transport crates, childrens seats and much more.

Repairs and Maintenance

We offer repair and maintenance service in our own workshop at our store.