The omabike and high fashion

Pictures from the PC Hooftstraat, the fashion highstreet of Amsterdam:

omabikes and Luis Vuitton

On the road with the omabike: "I'll just pop in at LV."

omabikes and Gucci

"I hope they have a bag which matches my saddle and grips.."

omabikes and Bally

"..or I could try Bally,.."

omabikes and Chanel

"..or Chanel, they never disappoint."

omabikes and Tommy Hilfiger

"Then a quick stopover at Tommy Hilfiger for something casual.."

omabikes and Supertrash

"..and finally a visit to Supertrash. Shopping is easy!"

omabikes and Tiffany

He is on his way with his opabike, and apparently plans a bigger purchase at Tiffany's..

omabikes and Oger

..then to Oger to try on his new suit,..

omabikes and Hermes

..topped with a matching tie from Hermes.

omabikes and Zegna

And after a visit to Zegna he looks the perfect gentleman cycling to the office.